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Hotel Mitru Sur

Hotel Mitru Sur is located in a residential area of La Paz, in Bolivia, at 3, 600 meters above the sea level. In the city there are several places to visit and get the most of your stay in the city.

City center

During your days in La Paz, you should dedicate one to visit the historic center of the city. Here you will find Plaza Murillo, center of the politic power in Bolivia, where Palacio de Gobierno is located (also known as Palacio Quemado).

Mercado de las Brujas (Witches’ Market) also deserve a visit. It is a street market where you can find medicinal plants, bracelets, backpacks and even potions. You can also find people who lead rituals like the one to the Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Hotel surroundings

Closer to the hotel you will find different places to visit like Valle de la Luna, a geologic form that reminds the lunar landscape (it is a protected area). We also recommend a visit to Laguna de Cota Cota, a park with an artificial lake and waterfalls.

The Jardín Japonés (Japanese garden) is a closed space that host cultural events. On the other side, Muela del Diablo (Devil molar) is a hill visible from the city. It owes its name to the shape of the rock on a clayey terrain.

Further corners

In Mercedario neighborhood you will find Whipila Buildings, interesting constructions with amazing paintings on them.

Out of the city is Huayna Potosí Mountain, an easy goal for mountaineers aiming to climb a 6,000 m peak by an easy route, and for tourists willing to enjoy incredible landscapes. Close to it you can also visit Chacaltaya Mountain.

The city of Coroico also deserves a visit due to the occupation by Yungas during pre-Columbian period, who made typical buildings from the époque.